Friday, 21 July 2017

RAFM Cheetah WIP

This is picture is of the pre-loved and slightly tatty Cheetah I got off eBay, which was sans butt-plate.  As luck would have it I could find no pictures on the web of the Cheetah taken from the rear.  Fortunately, I have friends who have complete Cheetahs to send me pictures of what the butt-plate should look like.

However, as luck would have it–or not, as luck only involved winning an eBay listing–I managed to buy a Whitecat.  This has the same V-motor butt-plate as the Cheetah, so I am now using this as a template to fabricate a replacement for my model.

I started by bending up a bit of wire to make a frame for the Milliput butt-plate.  Then I added the Milliput and moulded it into the rough shape I needed.  Still a bit of shaping and carving yet to do, but it has been far too nice to be sitting indoors making toy soldiers to finish the job.

And here's the cleaned up Cheetah awaiting assembly.

So, more updates to come, but now it's time to go off and shoot pointy sticks at round things: archery being lots more fun to do when the weather is nice.


  1. Good to see that you'll be able to fix it! The cheetah is a fine model to add to your lineup. How do you plan on adding the grooves? Do you have a small ball tip for a small drill?

    1. I have a special carving tool. Milliput is hard, but can be carved and shaped with hand tools.

  2. I thought you already had enough models to last a lifetime 😁.
    Nice catch though and a nice safe.

    1. Not a new acquisition, just me getting around to disassembling, stripping the paint off, and replacing a lost part.


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